One of AS?

I suppose we are expecting Connor to show AS traits, so does this mean we are over analysing his behaviour?

Every time he spins something we glance at each other knowingly, assuming his fascination means he is becoming “one of us”.

We do not care if he is Aspergers, Autistic, Neuro-typical, dyslexic, or anything else, he is our boy. But we have had discussions about being ready to prepare him with coping strategies, I am searching for picture cards to use around the house, we are noticing lots of things that are probably normal behaviour. It is hard to tell what is normal, as the boys are both AS so our recent experiences are of them.

How much of this is hope? In what direction? Do we hope that he has no “issues” according to main stream thinking? Do we hope that he will not have to deal with being “normal” in a household full of “misfits”?

I hope I have already made it clear that we do not see Aspergers as a problem, provided strong and effective coping strategies are put in place. My husband and I, and each of the boys have different strategies for different things, so this gives us a wide base to draw from if Connor does show signs when he is older.


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