I didn’t think I was particularily a stickler for routines. I am quite scatterbrained, and do not like doing the same things at the same times every day. It would be useless for us to attempt to eat our food at precisely 5:30 or something, just wouldn’t end up happening.

But looking at my day in small parts, it has become apparent exactly how much routine I fit into my day.

Take dressing for example, a simple task. Most people (I assume) do not even think about how they go about it.

I gather all the clothes for the day together, and put them in order. This means the things that I will be putting on last are folded on the bottom of the pile. I speak out loud all the items to check them off my mental list.

Underwear goes on from bottom to top. Socks first, left sock then right.  Once my undergarments are on, it is time for my top. Generally black, generally long sleeved, or if not, a hooded cardigan goes on.

Then trousers. I rarely wear skirts or dresses, I do not like how they flap around my legs.

The same kind of principles happen with my food.

If I am eating pizza with pasta, all the pasta must be eaten before the pizza can be started.  I do not have food issues to the extent of some of my family, whom I suspect may be super-tasters, but the order of consumption is really quite important.

Where I sit in a room, it matters. If I can’t get my seat, I will pace about.

When I am walking with someone, they have to be on my right.

If I think of any more I will post in the future.


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