What’s so good about “normal” anyway?

The term neuro-typical is used by the ASD community to cover those that society deems normal.
My definition of neuro-typical encompasses all sorts of people. The mentally ill, in most cases are neuro-typical. Those with bi-polar disorder, those with schitzophrenia, those with narcissistic personality disorders, those that are work-a-holic, the paranoid and so on.
Just because you have an altered reality, it doesn’t make you a-typical. Just because I have Aspergers doesn’t make me “special”.

You may sit there, in your lovely house, with your status symbols, and your loving family, with your two cars, and your membership to the gym, and think you have everything you need. Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t.
You may sit there and wonder why you do not have a gorgeous wife, a well paid job, a bigger car than next door.
The difference is I do not NEED the latest fashion, the latest car registration, the hottest new gadget, more than one pair of shoes, the latest religion, to make me comfortable with who I am.

All I need is a husband that doesn’t care if I fixate on one thing for hours, who doesn’t care that my housework is sporadic (If there is noone in the house it’s fine to do housework. When someones there, they get in the way and confuse the order.) and who accepts that sometimes I zone out.
All I need is a family that doesn’t attempt to be anything other than who they are, that tries their best and accepts their personal limitations.
All I need is my computer.

I do not know why the personal issues of some random person who is famous for being famous deserves a 30 min a week time slot on television.
I do not know why magazines like Now! More! Heat! etc exist.

Are peoples lives so bad that they need to read about the cult of celebrity and the fuckups they make to empower them to think “Ooh, at least MY marriage/kids/drug habit is not as bad as ________”?

Or is it more “I will have succeeded if I have the same dress/kids names/car as _________”?

You tell me?


One thought on “What’s so good about “normal” anyway?

  1. Wow that was amazing! At last a blog that tells it as it.
    My son is 8years old and is Aspergers. And no he also doesn’t need fixing. I wouldn’t change him for the world. It would be untrue of me to say there haven’t been times when I want to smash my head against a wall. There have been many times I would sit and cry as I felt alone with a lack of support from others mainly his school. But there has been many more times I have smiled. When my son speaks
    I know his this amazing child not with a mental disorder but with this amazing mind. He makes me so proud. Once I knew Giovanni’s likes and dislikes and the way in which he likes things done I found life a lot more settled. My son knows what he wants and gets on with it and that’s a lot more then most 8yr olds do. I have started a blog A boy with Aspergers (AD a mothers view) http://aspergersinfo.wordpress.com Its fairly new and I’m only just getting to grips with the whole wordpress thing so any ideas would be fab:)
    Once again thanks it’s a top top blog.x

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