Someone is missing a trick.

There needs to be a chain of stores, that open at about midnight – 5am.
They need to have things that are necessary for “playing NT”.
Like Advent calendars.

I am not religious. I was brought up Baptist, but although I respect my parents’ need for an emotional crutch, I do not currently subscribe.
This is the 4th year in a row when we have forgotten to buy Advent calendars. Here I am at 1:39 am, lying in bed, reading some threads when it hits me that yet again our children have gone without the fun of guessing what is behind the door on the advent calendar, and playing “what did you get” with those fantastically non-judgemental kids in school.
The fabulous commerciallism of the holiday season is upon us. I know this as the Coke-a-cola train is on TV. This is the official marker of “time to spend money”. Although we never remember to actually do so.
So now I wonder if it is worth getting up, going outside, and seeing if Tesco has any left. They won’t. They never do. Or if by some chance they do, they will be someting like Hannah Montana, which would go down such a storm with our 3 boys.
We need a chain of shops, for AS people, musicians, and other barely functionals (by modern standards) where we can go in, not have to speak to shop staff, not worry about the fact that we are 4 days late buying the turkey etc, and not have to deal with the crowds.
I can’t stand crowds in shops. I love going to do our shopping at 3am. If the shop staff could just refrain from having the radio on 6 different channels as they are stocking various parts of the store, it would be blooming perfect.

So how about it? A shop for those that do not want to share with people who actually understand why Great Aunt Mauve that smells of cats pee, and shouts all day is supposed to be welcome in the home for 4 days.


One thought on “Someone is missing a trick.

  1. I would SO go for this, I’m only a functional because my classes require me to be. The almost-pain of being in an science program, but coffee usually saves my day nicely.

    Next term I have 0930 class three days, which means 0700 wake, so I’ll be doing another term on 5-6 hours of sleep during the week. Thank goodness for coffee 😀

    I wish I could have 1-2 pm classes and sleep in more. ND university would have later classes, and fewer lectures. Science should be taught by lab, not by lecture, but I digress.

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