Some things are worth it.

So after 8 years, the one thing I wanted more than all others has come to pass. I now have my BSc. It has been hard work, I have nearly given up many times, but I got there. I did it. On my own. *with support*

In 2000, my middle son was born. I was in a fairly rocky relationship with a shift worker in a bar. By the end of the year, I had signed up for an Open University course, called S103, Discovering Science.
I was hoping that the ability to have something for myself would help me cope with my depression, something I had been suffering since the birth of my eldest son.
The course had a weeks summer school, and that was something I was dreading. I am not good in groups of people, particularily those I do not know, and being away from my infant son was something I was really quite scared about.
In 2001 I passed that course, and so began my love affair with the OU.

S103 Discovering science 2001. Great introduction to higher education, if they wrote school text books like these, the kids would be lapping the work up. Summarised as taking the world apart, and putting it back together again.

SXR103 Practicing science 2001. Residential school for S103, discovered all sorts about aluminium, fireworks, and how they make pearlescent paints for cars.

ST240 Our chemical environment 2002. This was the hardest course I did, it was very chemistry based, involving all sorts of organic and inorganic chemistry, and a hard summer school.

S280 Science matters 2002. This course focused on the ethical and moral sides of issues that arise in science. Covered Genetic modification (yes I know a lot about this, one of my focus areas) petrochemicals and diabetes.

S216 Environmental science 2003. Similar in places to the Science Matters course, but from the other side of the fence.

SXR216 Environmental science in the field 2003. The best residential school I have ever been to, this was in the Field Studies Centre, at Malham Tarn, and it was the first time I got to see a bat within inches, the first time I was able to look up at the sky without ANY light pollution, and see the Milky Way spread away from me.

U316 The environmental web 2004 This course was about the promotion of science on the internet, and how to make sure that the sites you get your information from are reliable, including recognising bias.

My life kinda turned upside down here, I got married in Dec 2004, to the man I should have married in 1996, and moved 400 miles back to my homeland in Jan 2005.

TU120 Beyond Google: working with information online 2007. This means I am now a SUPER-SEARCHER lol 🙂 I know how to find what I am looking for with the minimum amount of effort.

T189 Digital photography 2007. I love photography, and felt that including this was a good idea, as much of Natural Sciences is about documenting.

S186 Volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis 2008. When I was small I wanted to be a volcanologist, but having children made me think it would be kinda irresponsible to go to active volcanoes.

S366 Evolution 2008. I thought I was going to fail this. I really knew I had not done what I needed to do. I almost gave up. I decided to carry on, and asked for my exam to be done at home. I am glad I did. 😀

Ruth McDonald BSc Open (Open)


2 thoughts on “Some things are worth it.

  1. Congratulations! What a fabulous accomplishment.

  2. hi
    congratulations on the bsc
    what did you do your bsc in?
    twitter: drjonesaa

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