So What Now?

So as you know, I got my BSc.
I was not expecting it, as I was sure I would be resitting this year, so had not thought about what next.
Part of not knowing what was next, was that the whole thing was in itself an achievement, I never even considered what to do afterwards!

Well everyone that has commented on my achievement on facebook, has asked ¨What Next?¨.

Well I have decided!
I always wanted to teach, but can not cope with large groups of people, specifically teenagers. I was not looking for primary teaching, that does not appeal to me at all. I had considered ¨special needs¨ as I have always been able to think outside the box when it comes to approaches to learning, and I identify well with those that think differently.

I also tutor online a lot, teens and others.

So, the route I am about to embark on is perfect.

MA in Online and Distance Education!
Ok, so the first person to respond to this, as I am typing this post said ¨fantastic, what subject¨, so I think I need to clarify.

How to teach and develop learning strategies in the modern world 🙂
Will be done in a few stages, like these:

Parts of these descriptions have been taken from the Open University prospectus.

Technology-enhanced learning: practices and debates – exploring the processes of designing, implementing and evaluating technology-enhanced learning.

Practice-based research in educational technology – engaging in the critical study of original empirical research to learn about cutting edge methods of data collection and analysis. Philosophical assumptions underlying educational enquiry are examined; and associated ethical and political concerns are explored in detail. There is an opportunity to apply what’s been learned using a topic of your choice, by critically evaluating current research or by developing a research proposal.

Accessible online learning: supporting disabled students – The learning experiences of students with disabilities. It looks at the technology that students use to adapt computers to suit their needs. It introduces the responsibilities of institutions for the provision of an accessible curriculum and appropriate support systems.

The second part of the course is concerned with the more technical aspects of accessibility. Different media raise different issues of accessibility for different groups of students with disabilities.

The final part of the course is concerned with current debates and discussions about disability and accessibility in educational contexts.

Innovations in elearning – Questions what constitutes true innovation and why some innovations are adopted more readily than others. Develop specific elearning and etutoring skills (including online group moderation and elearning activity design), conduct small-scale investigations and use case studies, with the overall aim of incorporating or rethinking elearning activity into a professional context.

The elearning professional – Explores the pedagogic theories underlying these practices, and uses and evaluates examples of online tools and applications that support them.



3 thoughts on “So What Now?

  1. Ruth, this is something you can really apply yourself to….it will suit you down to the ground!!

  2. A future leader 😉

  3. I think this sounds terrifically exciting. Keep us updated, please!

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