Car alarm? What Car alarm?

Apologies for missing a bit of posting, but my arthritis took a while to chill out again.
So the title of this post? Kinda sums up my Saturday.
I was planning on travelling to Oxford to meet up with some old friends from a game I used to admin.
We get up and get the baby ready, pack the bags (forgot how much we need to take for day trips) and get ready to go to the car.

Hubby puts key in drivers door, and suddenly a car alarm goes off.
We look at the cars parked above and below us (in case you missed this, we live on a 1-in-4 hill, so car gets a new clutch every year) and neither of them have alarms going off.
I move to the front and realise its our car.
Nothing odd there? Well, that´s where it gets interesting.
We don´t HAVE a car alarm!
So the left indicators flashing, and the siren is blaring, and Hubby is holding the baby who is looking MOST unimpressed.
I check the number plate 4 times. It IS our car.
We load the baby into the car, alarm still screeching, but it´s quieter inside than out, and try to work out what is going on.
We try locking the doors. Unlocking the doors. Locking the doors with all of them shut. Starting the engine. Turning the engine off. Putting the key to first point and waiting.

So I ring the garage up and see ifthey know whats going on.
ME: Hi, we had our car in the garage for a clutch replacement last week.
REP: Oh yeah, the Hyundai Matrix?
ME: That´s the one. Could you put me through to the mechanics?
REP: They do not work weekends. Can I help at all?
ME: Hear that noise?
REP: The car alarm?
ME: You got it. This is the first we knew about a car alarm.
REP: The model of your car does not come with a car alarm.
ME: I know. I just read the manual 3 times.

After about 45 minutes, SOMETHING we do works. No idea what.

I figure that the original owner of the car (only 18k miles when we bought it, poor thing) must have retro fitted an alarm system. Before selling, for whatever reason, he must have disconnected the wires.

The garage must have seen dangly wires, assumed one of their workers had disconnected them, and plugged it back in.

No key fobs. No codes. No CLUE!

So thats bad enough. But it gets worse.

We set off, and get so far, and then as we come off the motorway, going around a roundabout to a busy dual carriageway, IT GOES OFF AGAIN!

This time nothing would stop it, so a quick phone call to the RAC, and they promise to get someone to us in about 75 minutes.

We got home at gone 1am.


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