Survived Xmas.

Xmas was relatively OK.
After doing the shopping at 3am on the eve, as per my last post, we had everything we needed.
1am Xmas day my mother called. One of her students, who had become a friend (mum teaches computers to the brain injured) passed away just before midnight, after a hospital transfer and (IMHO) medical negligence at the new hospital.

They had resited his trachy 3 times in 24 hours, (under protest as his case manager kept pointing out he was not breathing properly) and he was still unable to breathe properly, leading to a heart attack as oxygen levels dropped.
Mum was heartwrenchingly upset, and had to go to the hospital in the morning before the family get together.
We went around my brothers at 3, and it was great to see the kids, then back home in time for Dr Who Xmas Special.

Boxing day we had the outlaws over to visit, Clive has alzheimers, and it is getting worse. He spent most of the day pacing and asking what he could see out of the window. We did our usual of walking out the back door to have a cig and appearing at the front door. Jay says it is hard explaining to your father about your smoking apparently, when the only thing he does remember is that you stopped him smoking when you were a kid.


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