Flying. Airports. Meltdown.

Last time I flew, my husband was surrounded by armed police, I was 7 months pregnant, and I had my AS son with me.
I suppose that needs to be explained.
Well, the pregnancy explains itself, it is not that kind of blog, I mean the armed police thing.

The UK airports are taking security very seriously. In a very stupid way. No liquids over 100 ml, and other silly things that will make no difference in the long term, as if someone was going to hijack or explode a plane, making them take off their shoes being the one my husband objected to.
On the outbound flight, he complied, (breaking his shoelaces in the process) but on the return flight that same day, he refused.
Guess it is times like this I really notice the ADHD and ODD. He got quite frustrated at the security, and they phoned for the armed police. I had already gone through the scanner, and they would not let me go the other way to calm him. I tried to keep my AS son distracted so he would not notice what was going on.
One ring of armed police later, I decide it is time to put my AS traits into action. Or rather my coping strategies.
They had refused him the flight, meaning that on our arrival home, we would be unable to get from the airport, as I do not will not drive.
I made sure my son was occupied, and started grabbing my stomach, indicating that the stress was affecting the baby, and targetted the female security officer with my tears, and other well chosen manipulations.
As I do not innately understand people, and can not read expressions (in fact I have face blindness so fail to recognise even my family if they have changed an aspect of their appearance) I analyse a lot. I analyse situations, and choose appropriate responses from previous situations to use to get the best response from NT´s. I know this makes me sound slightly sociopathic, but it seems more effective.
After successfully pushing the right buttons, I get hubby allowed on the plane, after he had got to the point of deciding to walk 400 miles, and we get back OK.
So tomorrow I go alone. I have to deal with crowds of people, and fear of missing flights, along with being alone in a place that does not bring happy memories for me.


5 thoughts on “Flying. Airports. Meltdown.

  1. Oh, wow. My bipolar ADHD dh ponders such situations, but I think his social anxiety prevents it (ie he really worries about what strangers think of him) but we’ve not been on a plane, so who knows. Chances are he’d freak if they gave us trouble about one of our kids (say the nonverbal autie)

  2. I completely sympathize with your husband. The unjustified violations of personal space are one reason that I no longer fly. I’ve always hated flying anyway, but the insane security rules finally gave me the excuse I needed to never visit anyone again if it involved airplanes.

  3. I can’t imagine how stressful that must have been. You have figured out how to cope and deal with these situations. I will always marvel at the way the human mind is able to adapt to its challenges. I don’t think there is anything “defective” about the mind of someone with autism or adhd or anything like that. I think they are just wired different, but the fact that they can create these coping mechanisms just proves that their mind is working just as well as anyone else. It’s just working differently.

    I hope the second trip to the airport on your own wasn’t as traumatic. =(

  4. It went ok, let us hope the repeat performance on Sunday goes just as smooth.

  5. OMG this is shocking
    Good luck with everything.

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