Hogmanay – or what the New Year may bring.

I do not do New Years resolutions as a rule. Not because I know they are futile and will be broken, not because I do not want to set myself something unnattainable as a target (although both of these are true in a way), but because I do not see why you should set yourself arbitary targets based on the date.

I intend to update this blog more often, it is just that life gets in the way so much.
Let me see what needs to be done in the next few weeks. This may be in random order as I think of it, rather than in date order.

First, you may need some background. If you are not interested, then that is OK, I will be posting more interesting posts soon I am sure 🙂

My father-in-law has Alzheimers. We are carers for him with Enduring Power of Attourney. We have a care team that goes in 3 times a day on top of our visits in order to make sure his medication is taken.

My mother-in-law has Bipolar Disorder, and diabetes. She got rather upset when her husbands alzheimers caused him to start asking the same questions repeatedly, and blaming her for him losing his walking stick/glasses/tv remote. She chose to go into a care home, where she could socialise and be looked after.

Our kids, as you know if you have read other posts, are neuro-diverse.
Our eldest girl is 19 soon, is doing her A-Levels, and has conditional offers in a couple of universities.
Our other girl was 17 yesterday, is also doing her A-Levels, and has Auditory Processing Disorder.
Our eldest boy has ADHD, PDD-NOS and is considered borderline AS. He just started high school.
My AS son, Danny, lives mainly in Edinburgh where he is schooled. He is with us at the moment, and travel up and down is a choice between 12 hours drive each way, or a one hour flight. £120 in petrol or £400 in air travel.
Our baby son is 15 months, and is currently non-stop from 7am to 9pm.

So, back to the plans for January.
Friday, FIL has a trial day in a care home. We have Social Services and Care and Repair (council service for maintenance of buildings owned by infirm, or owned by council) organising a complete rewire of his house. He needs to be out of the property, as there will be bare wires, and other dangers that he will discover (and rediscover) on a half hourly basis.
If he does not assault the staff, try to break out or cause other issues, they will keep him there for a fortnight.

This allows us to gut his house. FIL is an avid book collector. He used to be an avid reader, but now can not follow plots. He can not even remember which books he has already bought. This means there are 6-7 THOUSAND books in his house.

On Sunday I fly Danny back to Scotland.

On Monday the fun begins. How exactly are we supposed to cope with the kids, and be on call for the nursing home, and sort the house out in a week?

There is another issue.

My FIL and MIL are owned by a cat. This cat has the strongest tail and the meanest attitude of any cat I know. He gets on great with the baby, wont dare attack me, and rips my husbands hands and arms to shreds while playing, but his main way of making friends and influencing people is a bite, swipe, purr, headbutt routine that has been known to make grown men run crying from the house.

We just recently lost one of our cats, as regular readers (I have regular readers?) will know (see When Things Hurt So Bad). The remaining kitty is 17, arthritic, and fairly set in her ways. Not sure how she will cope with what looks like will be on the cards.

It looks like we will have to have Gismo to stay with us for at least one week. This means operating an air lock system on the doors, buying another litter tray, and possibly keeping Nermal upstairs as a minimum.

Other things to sort out in the New Year include:
Reorganise Finances
Start Masters Degree
Arrange and sort out Easter flights for Danny
Arrange and sort out Danny´s birthday
Take Connor for a second MMR (There was an ¨incident¨ when he had his first, and I do not think he is covered.)
Continue to work on the Merged Identity album
Work on the C-Sides website
Sort out EMA for Buffy
Remove furniture from living room, replace with shelves and bookcases
Buy Long Beanbag.
Buy Dining table and chairs
Stop Using Capitals To Make A Point.

Ok, enough babble from me, see you all on the flip side!


One thought on “Hogmanay – or what the New Year may bring.

  1. I think part of the NT reason for setting resolutions is that NTs enjoy, as a rule, settling for things that are less expensive or less difficult. therefore, if they set a resolution that is so ambitious it dwarfs their capability, then it will not seem so much work to simply do what they NEED to do.

    for instance, a dangerously overweight woman may set a goal to lose 150 pounds and wear that cheerleading skirt again. all her doctor wants or expects her to lose is 50. she might not work at all towards the goal of 50, dismissing it as too much work for too little return, but the work towards losing 150 wont seem so bad, and when she has failed at the end of the year, we will hear “but at least i lost 50 pounds, that’s something, right?”

    i do not understand why failure is not failure. my resolution was to stop being an intern and become a full time employee. I know that will happen if i keep in class and do well at my job, which is well within my capability. a lot can be said for or about the managers here (by eachother, no less), but they keep their promise.

    still trying to figure out why people think they can badmouth my boss to my face.

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