Here I am.

@asdquefty was first to read yesterdays update, and he would like me to share my thoughts about digital safety.

Do you ever worry about your privacy?

Do you ever worry about your privacy?

He has noticed that I use many services, and that yesterdays photos were location mapped. I will just wait here while you run to my twitter stream. You are looking for the second baby in a box tweet.
It was the first time I have used twitroid to upload piccies, so actually didn’t realise the geotag was there.
A few years ago, I was very careful about sharing personal information that could identify me. But then I realised there was not much point.

As an aspie, and someone that has been online since 1996, has worked for isp’s, has moderated chat, and run web games, and has played with the darker side of the internet, I am very very good at finding information out about people.
I discovered my husband’s ex guitarist has in his words “a small endowment”, find friends that have moved without using facebook search. I even had my ex husbands gas and electricity details at one point.
I realise that someone like me (but a nasty person) could find out anything they want about me using the same methods I use. The challenge is probably part of it.
So I chose to become an open book. I am careful to educate my children in online safety and nettiquette, and do not give out too much about them. You know my one son goes to school in Edinburgh, and a daughter in Pontypridd, but none of them are at the same school as each other.
I put photos on my facebook, but have them set to friends only, and I vet my friends, even if I do have hundreds.
Location services amuse me. I like the idea of my friends following me about. If they want. I don’t worry about being followed home. My husband and I talk about this, and we kinda came to the conclusion that if anyone were to try it, they had better have a deathwish.
Being a mum to spectrum kids is a challenge, especially when you are spectrum yourself, so there is lots of pent up frustration that can be used at will, on telemarketers, people that sit two rows back on the plane and preach to people of a different religious persuasion, and random door knocking psychopaths :}


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