Airport musings

So I am sat in an airport in Edinburgh trying to fill my time.

I dropped my son back off for school, and discovered my mate was the pilot. Had words and discovered that I would be able to fly back on the same plane if there were spaces, provided that there was an adult on the other side of security for my son. As he was being met, it seemed promising, and as we were running slightly late as it was, I thought the handover would go simply and easily.

Unfortunately, the adult in question had decided to go wandering the airport looking for us, and had gone upstairs to the coffee shop instead of waiting by arrivals.
I missed the plane.
So sat in the airport with nothing to do for 12 hours, I decided to look at the trends on twitter.
NKOTB. I seem to remember on the ouskirts of my childhood this was a ¨band¨ that was popular with the girlies for nothing much more than looking good and a few dance moves. Someone described them in a tweet as ¨The original boyband¨. I remember them most not for the pillows that the girls in my school all had, but for the allegations of lip-synching and backing track usage. Why were they trending twitter? It appears that two of them were crawling out of the woodwork to have a follower war.

Another trending topic was the conviction of Phil Spector, the Wall Of Sound man on a charge he had bought himself out of previously. Luckily I do not think he had a twitter account, else we would have seen ¨RT: @Pspector Oh man I didnt offer the judge enuf, c u all in 20¨ messages flooding the twitterverse.

These events made me give up on trends and I started Twurfing. For the uninitiated (those that have a life possibly extending outside of the interwebs) this consists of clicking random user names in peoples feeds, reading their tweets, and then clicking on someone elses in order to get through the twitterverse and come accross tweeple that you may not have seen otherwise.

I noticed there are an awful lot of ¨celebrities¨ that use twitter as their personal ego booster, collecting followers, but not following others, and rarely using the @ function to converse with the other users.

Get a grip guys, its about conversation, connections, and respect. Not about having a bad day and sharing the fact you burnt your toast as it was the maids day off.

There are a number of newer tweeters that do not use @ either, thinking that a stream of conciousness facebook style update list is all thats needed, which is fine if you want to make a diary, but don´t go complaining to the world that you dont have followers please!

I noticed also that in general the ASD tweeters have a higher @ ratio than the neurodiverse. Is that because this is our world? Our interactions can be chosen, and the neurodiverse are on more of a level playing field as they do not have the usual visual and contextual cues that are enigma to us in the real world to draw off?


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