That´ll be the degu…

So we invite our eldest over for Sunday dinner, and think we are going to have a nice relaxing day. (HA!!)
Jay wakes up with the headache from hell, so I force him to stay in bed.
Darling daughter turns up an hour early upset as she´s lost her phone, and her broadbands run out, and all I wanted to do was crawl under the covers.

This is a normal reaction when the only NT member of the family is over, shes bouncy and bubbly and loud. I love her, I just don´t cope very well with her.
So Jay took her and baby Connor out to the shops to buy the roast, and I try to settle down to finish my book in silence. Sometimes I try to store up silences ready for when she arrives so that I have something to go back to in my mind to shut out the babble 🙂
At about 4pm I get a phone call asking me to dig out the first aid kit as Jaime´s bleeding all over the car.
Apparently she had asked to go to the pet store to look at some animals as prospective pets. Jay stayed outside as Connor was asleep in the car, and Jaime bounced on in and went looking at rodents.
The store staff said she could handle a degu. These are related to chinchillas but look like rats.
The thing either sensed fear, or realised she was too much for it, and bit and tore at her hand.
The staff left her dripping blood in the aisle for 5 minutes while they looked for a plaster, and came back with a scrap of blue towelling paper.
When she came home, I cleaned her up and we realised that you could see to the bone through the tiny incisions on her index finger and thumb.
We removed as much fur and nail as possible, and decided that as her immunizations were not up to date, she needed to go to the hospital.
Of course, it was a Sunday, and a sunny day, so Accident and Emergency was full of the usual suspects.

  1. People who had been drinking in the sun and passing out, hitting their heads.
  2. People who had been drinking in the sun and hitting each other.
  3. People who had been drinking in the sun and playing sports and hurting their ankles.
  4. Children with broken wrists and ankles who had been so overjoyed at the fact the sun was out, they played with maximum exuberance and over did it a bit.
  5. People with heat stroke
  6. .

So an hour wait for triage (The nurse kept saying try-age instead of tree-age and every time Jaime shouted ¨It´s tree-age not try-age¨) in a noisy, smelly waiting room, with flickering fluorescent lights, and NTs.
I sent Jay home, no point us both waiting in hell.
After 2.5 hours she saw the doctor, who wanted to open the wounds, and flush them deep with saline and iodine.
Poor girl.
After bandaging her hand, and giving her a tetanus, she was sent home. 8pm. So much for a quiet day.

BTW, I rang her phone, and a lovely lady out walking her dog found it, answered it and put it through her grandad´s door. Guess there are some good people about 🙂


2 thoughts on “That´ll be the degu…

  1. There are some lovely people around….I hope we’re included there lol!
    I would have to open my mouth and say tree-age not try-age… really bugs me!!!
    Ruth, you are an amazing person and I love you to bits ❤

  2. Thank you Anne, means a lot when I am feeling like this to have my friends pop up and tell me 🙂

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