What is it about Autumn?

OK, so it’s not like I have a new course starting up, and I’m looking to procrastinate like I did last year, and, yeah OK, the year before that too. But here I am once again wondering who is still reading this, and who all those people are from Glitch.

So, what’s been happening in the life of Araldia? (I hear you thinking it, even fleetingly, although yeah, I admit you weren’t thinking it before you read that line.)

I recently took some time to catch up with some old friends in new places, I spend most of my time Glitching, and we are waiting for the launch of the Sankara EP next weekend. Been a while coming that one, and the artwork’s mine.

Enigma EP

So, more to come later this week I guess, may as well start blogging again!


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