Here and back again

So does anyone still read this? Is it worth me carrying on?


One thought on “Here and back again

  1. Yes it is! I haven’t been around my blog for months, weeks, it even seems like years! I’ve been so sick and tired. I’ve even been sick and tired of my blog! *laughing* Yet again, as you are saying, the big argument of shutting down our blogs. We all do it a million times. At least I have.

    You are on my Blogroll so please don’t leave me? *kneels at your feet and begs*

    I’ll buy you flowers EVERY MONTH! How does that sound?

    Let me tell you something I’m finding terribly odd since I haven’t been blogging so much. Moreover, I think it’s all trash anyway. I’ve been picking up so many new Blog Followers and Twitter Followers! I don’t understand it! I don’t even have enough time to keep up with everyone!

    You know I’ve never given a shit about Stats and Readership but this is WEIRD. Maybe some of them will see my comment here, my flag raised to the top of the sky and come join you!

    Or…I think I have a better idea…

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