FreeBMD and the family tree

This week a friend asked me to help her organise her family tree. She wants more detail than most programs allow, more than five or six generations visible at once.
The conversation led on to my own family tree. My uncle has been doing genealogy research for many years now, and that gives me a great place to start. Sadly my husbands family’s previous research is not available to us so I have the task of finding a route through a very common Scottish surname in Central to North Scotland. Luckily I found some information on his maternal line, so at least half of it is easier.
I came across a site, that is aiming to put registrars lists online. FreeBMD has extracts from quarterly published tomes of UK births, marriages and deaths. It is transcribed entirely by volunteers, and has been going for a long time.
I figured because I have a fair amount of time on my hands I would apply to join a syndicate of transcribers. We have a “quota” of a page a month, and each page has about 3-400 entries on it.
I haven’t received my first assignment yet, but I am looking forward to it. Hopefully if more people that sign up to do it means that the information I need may become available! My syndicate manager has transcribed over a million records himself.
The site is useful for finding out who married whom, as well as the standard births and deaths. Starting with quite vague information I was able to fill in a few gaps that really helped me on my way to updating the tree for my kids.


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