Here I am.

@asdquefty was first to read yesterdays update, and he would like me to share my thoughts about digital safety.

Do you ever worry about your privacy?

Do you ever worry about your privacy?

He has noticed that I use many services, and that yesterdays photos were location mapped. I will just wait here while you run to my twitter stream. You are looking for the second baby in a box tweet.
It was the first time I have used twitroid to upload piccies, so actually didn’t realise the geotag was there.
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Twitter Autism Day

Autism Twitter Day

So I should have blogged about this before it started, and I am sorry.
Today a group of people, across many countries came together using social media to raise awareness of, and support for Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and related issues.

If you are interested, you can keep up using #ASD on the twitter search, and joining in the conversation, and listening to the speakers.

I have gained a lot of followers today, @Araldia and something that came up was that many people are interested in how I managed to get to 31 without letting anyone else diagnose me as Aspergers.

I have well established coping strategies that I use when dealing with Neurotypical people, but it is hard for me to think about the order in which to write, so please, if you only comment on one post on this blog, pick this one, and let me know what situation you are up against, and I will blog within 24 hours where possible how I dealt with similar issues, and how our Aspergers son, our ADHD son, and my ADHD husband deal with it also.

Maybe what works for one of us will work for you?

So What Now?

So as you know, I got my BSc.
I was not expecting it, as I was sure I would be resitting this year, so had not thought about what next.
Part of not knowing what was next, was that the whole thing was in itself an achievement, I never even considered what to do afterwards!

Well everyone that has commented on my achievement on facebook, has asked ¨What Next?¨.
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