[Book Review] The Dreamwalker; Bishop, L., Williams, C.

Witch Lake Chronicles - Book 1

Witch Lake Chronicles – Book 1

The Dreamwalker is the first in a series of books set in a town called Witch Lake in North America.
It follows the central character Sam through his adaption to returning to High School after being homeschooled for many years.
As if that wasn’t hard enough, Sam is a little different to the other students as he has the ability to walk in other people’s dreams. This has the unfortunate side effect of any injuries he may experience in the dream world affecting his body physically.

He soon finds out that he’s not the only strange one in the town, making friends with Rhionnan and Nix who have their own sets of secrets.

The Dreamwalker is perfectly aimed at the young adult supernatural fiction market, but is written in such a way that it doesn’t matter if you are older. I found myself sneaking off away from my family to finish chapters, and going to bed early just so I could read more.

There are a few errors not picked up at the proof stage, but these in no way impact the thread of the book, which develops in a way that is not immediately apparent from the earlier chapters.

The ending of this book in the series manages to provide the reader with closure, while totally pulling the story out from under you in anticipation of the next book. Indeed within minutes of completing this book I was hunting on the website of the authors for the first chapter of the second book!

More information on the series (and a scrapbook full of supplementary material) can be found on the authors’ website The Witch Lake Chronicles .

The book is available to purchase in electronic and paperback formats from a variety of retailers including Amazon.