Flying. Airports. Meltdown.

Last time I flew, my husband was surrounded by armed police, I was 7 months pregnant, and I had my AS son with me.
I suppose that needs to be explained.
Well, the pregnancy explains itself, it is not that kind of blog, I mean the armed police thing.
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Car alarm? What Car alarm?

Apologies for missing a bit of posting, but my arthritis took a while to chill out again.
So the title of this post? Kinda sums up my Saturday.
I was planning on travelling to Oxford to meet up with some old friends from a game I used to admin.
We get up and get the baby ready, pack the bags (forgot how much we need to take for day trips) and get ready to go to the car.
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I didn’t think I was particularily a stickler for routines. I am quite scatterbrained, and do not like doing the same things at the same times every day. It would be useless for us to attempt to eat our food at precisely 5:30 or something, just wouldn’t end up happening.

But looking at my day in small parts, it has become apparent exactly how much routine I fit into my day.
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