So What Now?

So as you know, I got my BSc.
I was not expecting it, as I was sure I would be resitting this year, so had not thought about what next.
Part of not knowing what was next, was that the whole thing was in itself an achievement, I never even considered what to do afterwards!

Well everyone that has commented on my achievement on facebook, has asked ¨What Next?¨.
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Extreme @ Newport centre, support Hot Leg and The Duvals

Been waiting for this gig for months. As soon as the date was released, I mentioned it to Jay, and he got us tickets as part of my birthday present.

We had asked a friend to babysit, and they texted to say they were on their way at 5:00pm. I had sent Jay back to bed (he had taken caffeine tablets the night before and couldn’t get to sleep) so went to wake him.

He realised on waking that he had to go pick his mother up and take her home, so panic set in. Nothing new there.
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