So someone in the comments asked me about my aspie profile from this site.
While I do not advocate self diagnosis, I feel that this tool a good way to identify possible things that can be then looked into further.

I do not feel, as you can tell from the title of the blog, that Aspergers is a disability.


This one is different to most online tests, as it is measured not on the questioners bais, but on the weighted response of those with an Autistic Spectrum diagnosis, and those with no issues at all (Neurotypical).


Looking Back, Part I

As my diagnosis has come late in life, there are many things that I can look back on that suddenly make sense. Many of these I was not aware of as being different to what other people do.

When I was three I learnt to read, by shape first, then phonics. For instance, umbrella was two small, one tall, two small, two tall, one small. When there were two combinations that could be the same word, like tea or two the correct one would obviously be the one that made sense in context.
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Over the last few days, there has been a lot of buzz about a post about Aspergers and intent.
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Two scenarios are presented, where Joe wants to buy the largest drink, and in case a) is told it comes in a commemorative cup, and b) is told it will be an extra dollar.

The question is does Joe intend to pay the dollar, or get the special cup.
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