That´ll be the degu…

So we invite our eldest over for Sunday dinner, and think we are going to have a nice relaxing day. (HA!!)
Jay wakes up with the headache from hell, so I force him to stay in bed.
Darling daughter turns up an hour early upset as she´s lost her phone, and her broadbands run out, and all I wanted to do was crawl under the covers.
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It is nearly upon us.

And no I do not mean Xmas.
I mean the shopping.
We go shopping at about 3am tonight. Thats 3am, on the morning of Xmas Eve.
Our plan is that most people wont be shopping.
Everyone that can be described as NT that we have mentioned our shopping plans to have looked horrified.
This is a good sign.
I am going to try something.
Do not think anyones going to get involved as they never comment here, but worth a go anyway.

Shopping at 3am on Xmas Eve.
a) That would suit me!
b) You are nuts!
c) Why?
d) Have you not done your shopping yet?

Answers in the comments please 🙂