BBC News – Mark Duggan inquest: Jury reaches its conclusion

BBC News – Mark Duggan inquest: Jury reaches its conclusion.

I’m kinda annoyed at this. There is no reason in my mind that you can shoot an unarmed man dead because he “poses a threat”. If he’s unable to shoot due to not having a gun, or even if he did have the gun, there are lots of places on his body that would have prevented him continuing and enabled a capture.

  1. Did the Metropolitan Police Service and Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) do the best they realistically could have done to gather and react to intelligence about the possibility of Mr Duggan collecting a gun from Mr Hutchinson-Foster? The jury found they hadn’t.
  2. Was the stop conducted in a location and in a way which minimised, to the greatest extent possible, recourse to lethal force? The jury said yes.
  3. Did Mr Duggan have the gun with him in the taxi immediately before the stop?” Yes
  4. How did the gun get to the grass area where it was later found?” A majority of 9 to 1 said it was thrown.
  5. When Mr Duggan died, did he have the gun in his hand? A majority of 8 to 2 said no, he did not have a gun in his hand.

So, 9/10 people said the gun was thrown but 2/10 say he had it in his hand when he was shot? Having read the wording on the jury’s form, I am really quite frustrated that it leads the jury to a decision.

Did V53 honestly believe or may he honestly have believed, even if that belief is mistaken, that at the time he fired the fatal shot, that he needed to use
force to defend himself or another

Talk about a whitewash. Literally. I do believe that the outcome of the incident would have been different if the deceased had been Caucasian.


Airport musings

So I am sat in an airport in Edinburgh trying to fill my time.

I dropped my son back off for school, and discovered my mate was the pilot. Had words and discovered that I would be able to fly back on the same plane if there were spaces, provided that there was an adult on the other side of security for my son. As he was being met, it seemed promising, and as we were running slightly late as it was, I thought the handover would go simply and easily.
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Car alarm? What Car alarm?

Apologies for missing a bit of posting, but my arthritis took a while to chill out again.
So the title of this post? Kinda sums up my Saturday.
I was planning on travelling to Oxford to meet up with some old friends from a game I used to admin.
We get up and get the baby ready, pack the bags (forgot how much we need to take for day trips) and get ready to go to the car.
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Over the last few days, there has been a lot of buzz about a post about Aspergers and intent.
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Two scenarios are presented, where Joe wants to buy the largest drink, and in case a) is told it comes in a commemorative cup, and b) is told it will be an extra dollar.

The question is does Joe intend to pay the dollar, or get the special cup.
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